Minor Update

Minor Update
  • We’ve polished and improved the base animations you can pick from in Character Creation, and their facial expressions too!
  • Octlana, Agustín, and the Stowaway have received new and upgraded models, aka a glow up.
  • Climbing has been polished for mouse movement.
  • Movement on stairs and ramps has been polished for mouse movement.
  • All NPCs will now have their avatars shown during their dialogues.
  • Opponents that Tamers faced against in Ranked matches or Tournaments will be shown in the list of Recent Players.
  • Story characters that you can lose against will now have a special victory animation: Dojo Leaders, Lady Lottie, General X and Max. Temtem up for real now.
  • While we don’t (and won’t) support 32:9 or higher resolutions, we’ve added some nice sprites to the borders so you’re, at least, not staring at a black canvas.
  • We’ve thinned down the border width in the cosmetics’ icons shown in Tamer info.
  • We’ve equalized border width in all Housing items’ icons.